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Women and Power

Gender psychology illustrates how women compete, take risks, and are often motivated by different factors than men. At CenterNORTH, we have synthesized our own propriety research with best practices to create the following high impact series of speaking, coaching, and training engagements specifically for WOMEN WHO WANT TO ADVANCE AND ENJOY THEIR CAREERS.

1. Break Through Your “Inner Glass Ceiling”
Defining the next level of your success

  • Weigh your ambitions and expectations—both those placed on you and those you have set for yourself—against what might inspire you as a woman in a competitive environment.
  • Identify strategic opportunities and overcome what is holding you back.
  • Learn the ingredients or “special sauce,” from women in the C-suite and beyond.

2. The Woman Behind the Myth
Political security for women in senior roles

  • Align your external visible self with the internal invisible one.
  • Appreciate the effects women in power have on those around them.
  • Navigate through the political and interpersonal realities of a high-visibility leadership role.
  • Use your “feminine courage” to neutralize the land mines in your path.

3. Leading from Base Camp Four
Enjoying the View from the Top

  • Accepting that the “top” is elusive, and that you can’t survive alone.
  • Knowing what you can and can’t control.
  • Picking the company you keep with care.
  • Applying your hard-won wisdom every day.