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Executive Coaching for C-Suite Experts

We specialize in career advancement for highly analytical, scientific and technical C-suite executives.

As you advance in your career, the variables by which your success is measured change and new skill sets become essential. Managing Board dynamics, navigating the boundary between the internal and external environment, identifying and influencing key stakeholders and investors, retention strategies, learning the value of patience and restraint, mentoring for bench strength, and cultivating a sense of leadership charisma become core attributes of your effectiveness.

At centerNORTH, we can help you enhance your “left brain” orientation with the influence, creativity, and relationship-building qualities needed to take your career and your organization to the next level. We can also act as thinking partners and trusted confidants to help you work through politically tricky situations or manage the stress that comes with your role.

Specific coaching engagements may include:

  • Transition from functional head to the C-suite
  • Transition from founder to CEO
  • Onboarding: the first 90 days of a new leadership role
  • Building a group of people to think and work as a global team
  • Communications planning
  • Executive presence and presentation skills training
  • Board and Investor relationship management