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Business Strategy

Identifying the right strategic path, as well as the near term tactical actions, is always a challenge. Not only is the business and technology landscape in which you operate constantly changing, but there’s never just one right direction to follow.

Decisions you make at the strategic level cascade down through the organization, affecting where and how to allocate costly resources, and, ultimately, determining how fast and profitably the organization grows.

Moreover, within a global and multinational company, no single course or strategy will work for a prolonged period of time. Rather, it is critical to build a strategic direction, along with the requisite skill sets and structures to keep the essentials going, yet flexible enough to respond to an environment of continuous change.
In making these critical decisions, it can be a big advantage to have access to people who’ve made similar decisions, people with a nose for where the market is going, people who are on your side without being constrained by an “insider” role. That’s where we can help you, with analysis and direct decision support in such strategic areas as:

  • Business Opportunity Assessment
  • Technology Life Cycle Planning
  • New Product & Service Development
  • Public/Private Funding
  • Market & Competitive Positioning
  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Post-Acquisition Integration of IT Platforms