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Leadership Across Borders

Setting direction across the globe, gaining buy-in from a culturally diverse management team, and acquiring an intimate knowledge of the customers’ mindset requires leading by the heart and by the numbers.

To accelerate growth, global leadership necessitates sophisticated capabilities: collaborative skills to balance tensions between global efficiencies and local responsiveness, tactical creativity to “keep the lights on today” while building breakthrough solutions for tomorrow, and the emotional capacity to manage competing priorities and “grey areas” in order to win buy-in from multiple constituencies.

To help you and the members of your leadership team enhance these skills, we provide totally customized solutions based on expert assessment of where each individual leader is today, and where he or she can be tomorrow. To tap into the individual’s potential and facilitate advancement, each engagement applies a learn-by-doing methodology to a real world, mission-critical project. Specific engagements may focus on such areas as:

  • Cross-cultural negotiation for growth and acquisition
  • Increased awareness of cultural blind spots
  • Insight into the customers’ perspective and biases
  • Selection and integration of management teams
  • Performance management
  • Internal communications planning
  • Change and transition management
  • Town Hall and Off-site design and facilitation