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Defining Your Competitive Edge

Case material and research on gender psychology illustrate how women compete, take risks, and are often motivated by different factors than men. This interactive workshop provides you with an opportunity to step back and think about how you navigate through a high-visibility leadership role. It also allows you to weigh your ambitions and expectations—both those placed on you and those you have set for yourself—against what might inspire you as a woman in a competitive environment.

What are your desires and your dilemmas? What opportunities do you have and what is holding you back?  What do women on your management team need from you to achieve new levels of accomplishment for themselves?

Through discussion with each other, what insights and wisdom might you discover? What frustrations and contradictions might you be able to solve together? What long-term contributions might you be able to make to shape the advancement of women in your organization?

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Women and Power:  How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Enjoy It

Sharon Horowitz will be participating in a series on career issues for women at The Harvard Club of New York City. The series will focus on mid- and late-career issues for women—particularly navigating the political and interpersonal issues that become more important than task proficiency as careers advance. Series topics will include:
—Women, Competition and Family Dynamics
—Women and Risk ( as in trading and portfolio management) 
—Women and Culture ... in America and elsewhere
—Women, Caring and Courage

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“Coach Us Like Men, Treat Us Like Women”*

Women are motivated differently than men. What information, skills and attributes do the women on your team need from you in order to reach their own potential as leaders? This interactive presentation outlines the often unspoken and hidden aspects of women’s leadership and gives you insight into what happens—within, between and among women—that either enables them to compete and advance to the next level or hinders their ability to navigate through the political crosscurrents of organizational life and keeps them stuck or opting out.

* (TITLE from the book The Girls of Summer: The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and How It Changed the World by Jere Longman.)

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The Journey from CIO to CEO: A Five_Step Framework

As part of Gartner’s Executive Insights on-line program, Sharon Horowitz provided an overview of role transition theory and the steps CIOs need to take to position themselves to be seen as viable candidates for the CEO role. CEOs who were former CIOs were also interviewed for the series. The principals of CenterNorth, have developed a “success matrix” program for CIO’s and senior leaders in IT, focused on their career advancement and a step by step process on how to identify and maximize new opportunities on the business side.  If you are interested in learning more about our program, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a program outline. 

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Found in Translation: a guide for enhancing Indian and Western business relationships

Sharon Horowitz and Patricia Kantor presented their research findings and conducted additional research on the cultural differences between Indian and Western models of leadership and communication and the implications for business development, specifically for outsourced services. Presentation topics included: “Respecting Respect”, “When Yes means Maybe”, and “Found in Translation, Bridging the Cultural Divide”.

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