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About Us

New York • Hong Kong • Tokyo • London • India • Brazil • South Africa
CENTERNORTH is an associate member of the ITAP International Alliance Network, and a member of the Global Sourcing Council.

At CENTERNORTH, we know from experience that the most important business decisions and challenges involve the complex interrelationship of business strategy, leadership capability, and organizational effectiveness. We’ve created CENTERNORTH specifically to help you find solutions that cut across each of these critical dimensions.

To deliver on this commitment, our team draws upon an unusually diverse knowledge base derived from our backgrounds in such areas as business development, technology, operations, psychology, organizational design, human resources, and communications. Whether you work with us one-on-one or as a team, the input you receive will always be practical, wide-ranging, carefully thought out, and completely candid.

Building a world-class organization is never easy—the important things never are. At CENTERNORTH, we provide integrated advisory services and we can help you get there.

To meet your specific goals and objectives, we focus each engagement around a critical “inflection point,” so you receive targeted, discreet, and cost-effective solutions right away. Our services range from brief conversations, where we act as a sounding board as you think out loud, think things through, and clarify your own instincts and intuition; to executive assessment; to complex projects designed to help you manage major business transitions and exploit high potential growth opportunities.